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Cyber Security


Cyber Strategy – Cyber, risk mitigation and regulatory strategies, aligning security to business priorities.

Our broad cybersecurity knowledge and deep industry expertise allow us to develop next-gen cybersecurity solutions.

X Corp Solutions, Inc is a leading provider of comprehensive cybersecurity services, offering various solutions to safeguard organizations against evolving cyber threats. Our expertise encompass Vulnerability Assessment, where we meticulously analyze systems to identify weaknesses and potential entry pointsfor attackers. We excel in Information Assurance, ensuring sensitive data's confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Critical Infrastructure and Network Security are paramount, employing cutting-edge technologies and strategies to protect essential systems.

We also specialize in Software Testing, rigorously evaluating applications for vulnerabilities. Our proficiency in Intrusion Forensics allows us to investigate and mitigate cyber incidents effectively. Detection and Prevention mechanisms are implemented to proactively thwart threats, while Insider Threat Analysis helps organizations identify and mitigate risks from within.Malware Analysis and Cyber Threat Briefings provide insights into emerging threats, and our Metrics Reporting enables organizations to gauge their security posture.

Finally, we offer Cyber countermeasures, helping clients proactively defend against cyberattacks and respond swiftly to emerging threats.