Core Competencies

Environmental & Remediation Services (ERS)
  • Biological Remediation, In-situ and/or Ex-situ
  • Disaster Response
  • Hazardous Material Clean-up & Disposal
  • Constructing Sustainable Facilities
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    Linguists Professional Services (LPS)
  • Language Program Management
  • Document Translation & Certification
  • Foreign Language Training
  • Simultaneous In-person and Phone Call Interpretation
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    Intelligence &Security Support (ISS)
    Human Domain Information (HDI) Services

  • DoD “2X” Operations Support
  • HUMINT Support

  • Foreign Area Specialist (FAS) Solutions

  • Key Leader Engagement
  • Security Cooperation Education & Training
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    Training & Education Development (TED)
  • Leadership Development
  • EEO Training, Workshops & Conferences
  • Effective Communication & Public Speaking Courses
  • Online Course Instruction – Synchronous and Asynchronous
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    Why Choose Us

    To improve and enhance our client’s success by leveraging our professional competencies and by being relevant in the application of our capabilities.

    Our vision is to maintain a collaborative environment with partners and clients so that we can create innovative and revolutionary ideas. By solving key problems facing your business, we are able to allow everyone to experiment with their own concepts.

    The idea is to create an environment where “X” will be the client’s problem or variable that we have to solve. This will allow us to expand and grow as we capture new opportunities in the government contract world.

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